Sunday, 2 October 2016

As today marks the return of the excellent Ash Vs Evil Dead tv series I thought I would upload a model I made to Shapeways of the trailer he uses. This sort of trailer can also be seen in other media like the great but short lived Wonderfalls or the dino terror ride of Jurassic World!
The trailer can be bought as a N GuageTT GaugeHO/OO Gauge28/32mm scale and 35mm scale.
As with all the models I make at different scales, I add detail and change detail proportions to get the most out of each size of model.

As I now own a FDM printer, I decided to print the 35mm scale one as a piece of scenery to go with my Batman figures that I bought from Grekwood Miniatures. The print took 24 hours and was printed in silver PLA in three parts. Apologise for the rather poor photo.


The trailer was fresh off the printer and still needs some cleaning up and is only held together by blutac! That said I think it looks rather neat and will look better once cleaned up, glued and given a nice coat of chrome paint. Also, in the background you can see the Batman Giant Penny I made and painted.

Sunday, 24 April 2016

You Rang M'Lord?

All Phone Boxes
What street scene will be complete without this icon of communication!

I have added a set of UK Phone Boxes to my Shapeways store in a series of different scales. N Gauge, TT GaugeHO/OO Gauge28mm scale and 35mm scale.

They are also available to buy in resin on eBay in TT gaugeHO/OO gauge and 28mm scale.

Sunday, 17 April 2016

Heads up!

All Heads
Another short blog this week all about Moai Heads also known as Easter Island heads.
I've always been a little fascinated by Easter Island and the heads, and how the society of humans who lived there collapsed in such a devastating manner. You can rad about the island here and about the Moai heads here.
I have been selling the HO/OO and 28mm scale heads on ebay for a few years now, but I have recently tweaked the model a bit and made them available on Shapeways in 5 different scales and in lots of different materials! they are available in N Gauge, TT Gauge, HO/OO Gauge, 28mm and 35mm

I am currently working on some 3D model commissions of some shoulder pads, banners and some other bits. If you would like me to make something for you, please contact me and I'll see what I can do!

Sunday, 3 April 2016

Demon Summoning Circles

Demon Summoning Circles
A bit of horror for this blog post. Jump on Shapeways or Ebay and summon up demons with this series of Demon Summoning Circles!
There are three sizes.

The Large Circle have creepy writing around the pentagram (yes, it does translate as something, but I'm not telling you what it is) and also fire dishes on the top of each pillar. Great for summoning up a large demon and plenty of space for the dangling tentacles, claws, wings etc! It measures 15cm across and 4.5cm high. You can by it on ebay or Shapeways.

The medium summoning circle also has creepy writing carved into the living rock with channels from each pillar forming a pentagram. The channels can run with glowing demon plasma, or lava, or blood! This one measures 7cm across and 1.5 cm high. You can by them on ebay or Shapeways.

The small circle is a pentagram that can act as a base for a figure or a marker token. This little pentagram measures is 3cm across and 0.5cm high. These on ebay as a pack of three or on Shapeways as a single circle or three pack.

Sunday, 27 March 2016

Ammo Boxes

ammo boxes
I have recently put on Shapeways a set of Ammo Boxes in both 28mm scales and 35mm scales. As you can see from the image above the ammo boxes are in different states, so there are unopened ones, half used ones, split ones etc. The boxes have detail on all sides and would be great to use as scenery or as tokens for tabletop games.

Also, a little update on some train scale models. I have been asked to make a Four by Four car from the 40's.
I have made a N Gauge and TT Gauge model, and will be working on a HO/OO next and possibly a 28mm and 35mm scale in the coming weeks.

Sunday, 20 March 2016

Pump it up!

Petrol Pumps
I have been selling my 28mm scale petrol pump models on ebay for some time now but recently I have made them in more scales and put them for sale of Shapeways.

There are two types of petrol pump for sale, the 1940’s/1950’s style with it’s deco look and and the 1980’s boxy ones. Each one is now available as N Guage, TT Gauge, HO/OO Gauge, 28mm and 35mm.

1940’s/1950’s Petrol Pump
N Gauge – 1940’s/1950’s Petrol Pump
TT Gauge – 1940’s/1950’s Petrol Pump
HO/OO Gauge — 1940’s/1950’s Petrol Pump
28mm/32mm Scale – 1940’s/1950’s Petrol Pump
35mm Gauge – 1940’s/1950’s Petrol Pump

1980’s Petrol Pump
N Gauge – 1980’s Petrol Pump
TT Gauge – 1980’s Petrol Pump
HO/OO Gauge – 1980’s Petrol Pump
28/32mm Gauge – 1980’s Petrol Pump
35mm Gauge – 1980’s Petrol Pump

The new scales will be coming to ebay in the coming months.

Also, you may notice on the left hand side of my Shapeways shop that the models have now been put into scale categories! It makes looking for items a lot easier! Check it out!

Monday, 14 March 2016

Cleopatra, Comin' Atcha!

Some of you may know that I have sold some Cleopatra models on my ebay shop but now my Cleopatra models are available on Shapeways in both 28mm and 35mm scales! 
I have made Cleo standing...

Sitting on a throne...

and as a Zombie Witch with an cauldron!

The Cleos are also available on their own and the bases, Cauldron and Throne can be bought separately.
Here's the full list of links for both the 35mm and 28mm scales-
35mm Cleopatra Throne
35mm Cleopatra Zombie Witch
35mm Egyptian Cauldron
35mm Cleopatra
35mm Cleopatra Sitting down
35mm Base - Tiled floor
28mm Cleopatra and Throne
28mm Cleopatra Throne
28mm Cleopatra
28mm Cleopatra Zombie Witch with base and Cauldron
28mm Cleopatra sitting
28mm Cleopatra with base
28mm Base - Tiled floor
28mm Cleopatra Zombie Witch
28mm Egyptian Cauldron
As well as this, I also have the Egyptian Column and wall carvings for sale -
28mm/32mm Egyptian Column ruin
28mm/32mm Egyptian Wall Carving
And of course the Ozymandias statue as mentioned in this previous post.

Sunday, 6 March 2016

War Memorial, Statue Plinths and an Angel

war memorials all scales
I was asked a while ago by a train model maker if I could make a War Memorial for his train layout. I loved the idea and in the end I made a memorial in four scales. As well as being a model that can fit onto a train layout, I think it would also make a great piece of street furniture for wargames and tabletop adventures! As you can see from the image above, each scale is slightly different. I put in as much detail as I can for each scale.
They are all available on Shapeways now N Gauge, TT Gauge, HO/OO Gauge and 28/32mm scale
statue plinths all scales
I have also made just the plinth available to be printed so that you can add your own statue on the top! The Plinths are also in N Gauge, TT Gauge, HO/OO Gauge and 28/32mm scale.
I liked the Angel on top of the largest plinth and so she is on Shapeways as her own 32mm miniature figure! Unlike the Angel on the plinth though, her sword is not pointing downward but is in fact pointing upward ready to fight!

Sunday, 28 February 2016

A short blog post today about Sci-Fi boxes and Geebles.
Sci Fi boxes_A Built
Sci Fi boxes_A Parts
If you don't know what Greebles are, it's a term first used by model makers during the making of Star Wars back in the 70's. It means all the fiddly detail bits that are added to things like vehicles and buildings to make them look more interesting and they also help add a sense of scale. There is a fine article about greebles on this Den of Geek page.
In the ebay kit I sell you get a bunch of resin greebles and also two resin boxes onto which the greebles can be attached in whatever ways you want! the image below shows one such configuration.
You can check out more of the photos from this setup on my blog post here
Also, the greebles can be bought on Shapeways here and the greebles and boxes are on Shapewas too!

Sunday, 21 February 2016

Ancient Egyptian ruins

This weeks blog is about some of the Ancient Egyptian models I have made.
First up is the Younger Memnon statue ruin.
YM_Ozymandias 28mm front
YM_Ozymandias 28mm back
I made this model a few years back now and it depicts the famous Younger Memnon statue half buried in the sand awaiting excavation. It is a statue of Ramases II, also made famous by the poem Ozymandias by Shelly. In later life the real statue had a small hole made in its chest by Napoleon's men who tried and failed to move it - but this model is made without the hole. You can add it if you wish! Later, John Baptist Belzoni managed to excavate the statue and ship it to the British Museum where it resides to this day. You can read Belzoni's account of moving the statue and his travels here and also listen to a BBC show about the Younger Memnon as part of Radio 4's History in 100 Objects series. The Hieroglyphics on the back of the statue are accurate. This model can be found on Shapeways, my ebay page or my Yeoman Models page. Also, one of my Younger Memnon statues ended up in a diorama at the University Museum at San Francisco State University :)
I have also made the Younger Memnon as it is today with a hole in the chest and you can see him on Shapeways.
I now see that a 3D scan of the statue is now on Thingiverse, but my model has elements that have been shaped to show off the detail better at the 28/32mm scale
Also, some new items of ancient Egypt are for sale. A 28/32mm scale column ruin that measures 5cm high (so is ideal for your 28mm scale explorer to hide behind) and a wall carving both of which are covered in hieroglyphics and Ancient Egyptian imagery.

Sunday, 14 February 2016

Just a little update to say that my Corig-8 robot is now on Shapeways.
I built him a few years back after getting some kind comments from model train builders about my corrugated line-side huts, and thought it would be fun to build a corrugated robot! After playing around with some ideas the Corig-8 droid became a big lumbering robot. He's made to work with 28/32mm figures but on his base he measures 45mm tall!
You can still buy him from my ebay store here.
Corig-8 FullCorig-8 Parts
And he's now on Shapeways! You can buy him with gun arms or just normal arms although I am thinking of adding a third kit which will more resemble the eBay kit with the full set of arms that you can attach yourself.
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Some new items are now on Shapeways! First are customisable flags.
You can create your own unique flag for your army with this 28mm/32mm scale banner. All you need to do is follow the link to Shapeways and add an image. You'r image will then be on the flag and ready to print! They even give you a little 3D preview of your design so you can see it from all directions!
The banner above is a medieval European style banner but I have also made some Japanese Sashimono Flags. One Long and One Short.
With this type of flag you can customise it with the addition of an image to one side and a letter or number to the other!
Also now available from Shapeways are seven sets of shoulder pads I have made.
These shoulder pads range from a more traditional pad with emblem on it to more fanciful pads like the Ozymandias and spikes pads! If you want your own shoulder pad, shield or banner design made in 3D and buy it from Shapeways, please contact me! I'll be happy to help.

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Monday, 1 February 2016

28mm/32mm Customizable Manhole covers

As some of you maybe aware, I have made and sell a set of eight 28mm/32mm resin manhole covers on my ebay store that can be used to add some fine detail to street scenes and dioramas. The Manhole covers are especially good for Victorian scenes and one of them mentions the notorious Victorian district of Whitechapel!
But I have recently made them available to buy on Shapeways here but three of the manholes have also been edited to make them customisable within Shapeways! You can now add a name of a person, street or city to one of three manhole covers! The three options are City of Cardiff, Cavandish and Co and Whitechapel.

You load up the page and you can add your own text to fit onto the manhole cover. The covers are only 28mm/32mm scale though so you can't fit too long a word onto the cover!
If you want any of the manhole covers to say different words around the edge and maybe mention a particular name, city or company, please message me and I'll see what I can do!
I also have a 28mm/32mm shoulder pad that can be customised with an image.

I will be adding some of my own shoulder pad designs to Shapeways this coming week. If you have a design you want to put onto a shoulder pad, let me know and I can make the pad and upload a set of ten or more to Shapeways for you to buy your own design!

Sunday, 24 January 2016

The Bell (Die Glocke)

The Bell (Die Glocke) is the supposed anti-gravity Nazi war machine. It has been written about for a few years now and has appeared many times in pop culture - everything from Doctor Who novels to Computer games and movies.
The Bell 28mm painted
It has been mentioned in a few documentaries concerning Nazi UFO's but the validity of its existence is still very much in doubt. Some clips of these documentaries can be found here on YouTube.

The Bell is believed by some to be a superweapon, an anti gravity machine, a new source of power, a time machine and some sort of Occult object.

It was supposedly built in an underground research laboratory near the Wenceslaus mine which is also near a structure called The Henge where The Bell was tested.
The Bell 1_100 painted
If you do a Image Search of Die Glocke you will find that it has been depicted many times in various forms like an otherworldly Sci Fi pod or a simple plain streamlined object. For my version I decided to read the description that was written by the Polish author Igor Witkowski and focused on making it look like a real 1940's machine. As well as adding panels, air intakes and exhausts I also added elements derived from V1 and V2 rockets as well as aircraft to help give it a 'real world' feel.
The Bell 28mm bits painted
The Bell kits have been on sale for a while now on my Yeoman Models ebay page, but they are now on Shapeways at 1:144, 1:100 (suitable for Flames of War) and 28mm/32mm scales.

The ones on sale on eBay are resin garage kits and are in two parts. The lower ring and the upper bell shaped hull. The Shapeways model is a little different. It's the full Bell but the grill on the bottom has to be separated from a sprue and glued inside the hole in the base.

A few months back I was commissioned to paint a 1:100 and a 28mm/32mm Glocke. The 1:100 in a copper colour and the larger 28mm/32mm one is steel. Below are two GIFs sowing the 360 rotation of the final pieces.

I added some rust to the steel one with the use of some textured paint and a dry rust pigment. Plenty of verdigris was added to the copper one by use of the verdigris paint from Games Workshop. Dark Dry pigment were also added to the three exhausts. Some of my Horten Ho 229 decals were added to the model for extra detail.

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1:100 SpinBell 28mm spin

Sunday, 17 January 2016

Liubo – The Forgotten game

I first read about the game of Liubo on this webpage that I saw back in November 2015.
I thought the look of the 14 sided die that archaeologist found in a 2,300 year old Chinese tomb looked rather cool. And the fact that it was used for the mysterious game of Liubo who’s rules have been long since lost for over a thousand years intrigued me no end.
Only a few days after after reading the article I decided to make a 3D model of the die and put it up here on Shapeways. Sort of instant archaeology!
Liubo 14 Sided Dice 3d printed
I’m interested in maybe making other Liubo game pieces to go with this die even though no one can play it!
Read more about the game on this website that has some great images or on it’s Wikipedia page!
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Sunday, 10 January 2016

Recreate the Battle of Hampton Roads at 1:1200 scale with these models of the Ironcalds USS Monitor & CSS Virginia (USS Merrimack)
Ironclad USS Monitor & CSS Virginian 1:1200 scale
The USS Monitor and CSS Virginia were the first and most famous ironclads, and their unique designs changed the warship forever.
The USS Monitor was a wholly new ship with revolutionary design and rotating turret. She launched on the 30th of January, 1862. The CSS Virginia was the wooden ship USS Merrimack that was burnt down to the waterline in 1861. The Confederate army raised the remains of the hull and converted it into an ironclad.

Both ironclads fought at the Battle of Hampton Roads on March 8, 1862 but neither ship could get the upper hand in the battle. Both ships sustained damage and in the confusion of war, both ships believed they won the day!

After the Battle of Hampton Roads the CSS Virginia retreated and unable to manoeuvre further up the James River, the captain scuttled the ship and destroyed it.

The USS Monitor sank in high seas off Cape Hatteras on December 31st, 1862 - only 11 months after her launch.

The Turret of the USS Monitor can be seen at the The Mariners’ Museum in Virginia, USA at the USS Monitor Centre.

The image above are ones that I painted from unpainted resin casts that can be bought from or my ebay page, but they are now available on Shapeways!

Sunday, 3 January 2016

Happy New Year everyone!

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 To start the new year here is a little blog post about some models that are now on sale. The Victorian Cabbies shelters.
I was asked to make scale models of a Victorian Cabbies Shelter by a customer who just couldn't find these for his model train layout. I had never seen or heard of them before but found some great info on this Wikipedia page and also a little video about them from the BBC! These links are well worth a look and give some history to these little London buildings!

A quick Google search brings up many pages like this one about the Cabbies shelters as well as many photos of surviving ones and drawings and plans of ones long gone!

As many shelters had a unique design details of their own, I decided when making my Cabbies shelter miniature that I would take individual elements from numerous shelters and make a sort of Chimera Cabbies shelter!

So taken was I by the look of these buildings that I decided to make them in 4 scales! N Gauge, TT Gauge, HO/OO Gauge and 28/32mm scale. Each model is slightly different to get the most detail and retain the character of the building at its specific scale.

You can see more about the models and buy them below!

 N Gauge - Yeoman Models - ebay - Shapeways
Cabmans Shelter_N Gauge_FrontCabmans Shelter_N Gauge_Back
TT Gauge - ebay - Shapeways
Cabmans Shelter_TT Gauge_FrontCabmans Shelter_TT Gauge_Back

HO/OO Gauge - ebay - Shapeways
Cabmans Shelter_HO_Front Cabmans Shelter_HO_Back
 28mm/32mm Scale - ebay
  Cabmans-Shelter_28mm_built Cabmans-Shelter_28mm_bits           I hope you all had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!