Sunday, 27 March 2016

Ammo Boxes

ammo boxes
I have recently put on Shapeways a set of Ammo Boxes in both 28mm scales and 35mm scales. As you can see from the image above the ammo boxes are in different states, so there are unopened ones, half used ones, split ones etc. The boxes have detail on all sides and would be great to use as scenery or as tokens for tabletop games.

Also, a little update on some train scale models. I have been asked to make a Four by Four car from the 40's.
I have made a N Gauge and TT Gauge model, and will be working on a HO/OO next and possibly a 28mm and 35mm scale in the coming weeks.

Sunday, 20 March 2016

Pump it up!

Petrol Pumps
I have been selling my 28mm scale petrol pump models on ebay for some time now but recently I have made them in more scales and put them for sale of Shapeways.

There are two types of petrol pump for sale, the 1940’s/1950’s style with it’s deco look and and the 1980’s boxy ones. Each one is now available as N Guage, TT Gauge, HO/OO Gauge, 28mm and 35mm.

1940’s/1950’s Petrol Pump
N Gauge – 1940’s/1950’s Petrol Pump
TT Gauge – 1940’s/1950’s Petrol Pump
HO/OO Gauge — 1940’s/1950’s Petrol Pump
28mm/32mm Scale – 1940’s/1950’s Petrol Pump
35mm Gauge – 1940’s/1950’s Petrol Pump

1980’s Petrol Pump
N Gauge – 1980’s Petrol Pump
TT Gauge – 1980’s Petrol Pump
HO/OO Gauge – 1980’s Petrol Pump
28/32mm Gauge – 1980’s Petrol Pump
35mm Gauge – 1980’s Petrol Pump

The new scales will be coming to ebay in the coming months.

Also, you may notice on the left hand side of my Shapeways shop that the models have now been put into scale categories! It makes looking for items a lot easier! Check it out!

Monday, 14 March 2016

Cleopatra, Comin' Atcha!

Some of you may know that I have sold some Cleopatra models on my ebay shop but now my Cleopatra models are available on Shapeways in both 28mm and 35mm scales! 
I have made Cleo standing...

Sitting on a throne...

and as a Zombie Witch with an cauldron!

The Cleos are also available on their own and the bases, Cauldron and Throne can be bought separately.
Here's the full list of links for both the 35mm and 28mm scales-
35mm Cleopatra Throne
35mm Cleopatra Zombie Witch
35mm Egyptian Cauldron
35mm Cleopatra
35mm Cleopatra Sitting down
35mm Base - Tiled floor
28mm Cleopatra and Throne
28mm Cleopatra Throne
28mm Cleopatra
28mm Cleopatra Zombie Witch with base and Cauldron
28mm Cleopatra sitting
28mm Cleopatra with base
28mm Base - Tiled floor
28mm Cleopatra Zombie Witch
28mm Egyptian Cauldron
As well as this, I also have the Egyptian Column and wall carvings for sale -
28mm/32mm Egyptian Column ruin
28mm/32mm Egyptian Wall Carving
And of course the Ozymandias statue as mentioned in this previous post.

Sunday, 6 March 2016

War Memorial, Statue Plinths and an Angel

war memorials all scales
I was asked a while ago by a train model maker if I could make a War Memorial for his train layout. I loved the idea and in the end I made a memorial in four scales. As well as being a model that can fit onto a train layout, I think it would also make a great piece of street furniture for wargames and tabletop adventures! As you can see from the image above, each scale is slightly different. I put in as much detail as I can for each scale.
They are all available on Shapeways now N Gauge, TT Gauge, HO/OO Gauge and 28/32mm scale
statue plinths all scales
I have also made just the plinth available to be printed so that you can add your own statue on the top! The Plinths are also in N Gauge, TT Gauge, HO/OO Gauge and 28/32mm scale.
I liked the Angel on top of the largest plinth and so she is on Shapeways as her own 32mm miniature figure! Unlike the Angel on the plinth though, her sword is not pointing downward but is in fact pointing upward ready to fight!