Tuesday, 11 September 2018

And the award goes to...

Recently I was contacted by the Kansas Water Environment Association to make for them a manhole cover. When finished, the cover would become an award!

I was contacted after seeing some of my small 28mm scale manhole covers.

The Kansas Water Environment Association (KWEA) wanted the 'Cavandish' cover to be customised with the name and Logo of KWEA on the cover.

First I edited the 3D model putting the KWEA Logo across the middle and the associations name around the edge.

Blender:File:/mnt/420b2489-7a59-421c-9ed2-60adea176c40/Dropbox/Yeoman Models/Render setup.blend

Once that was approved it was decided to 3d print the manhole cover with a 20cm circumference and in Colorfabb's Bronzefill material. Bronzefill is a plastic filament with bronze powder in it so it is heavier than normal plastic and also you can polish and oxidise the final piece like real bronze!

When fresh off the printer, the bronzefill doesn't look much like metal as you can see -

Photo 01

After printing, I used sandpaper, files and a Dremel to smooth off the print and let the metal show through. I used a fine Dremel tool to smooth the parts between the letters and the checker pattern.

Photo 02

The entire thing was painted black a couple of times and then more sanding with fine paper and wire wool! Brasso was used as a polish but when dried it left a white residue that wouldn't buff away so I used Lemon Juice to remove that and instead used the buffing wheel on the Dremel with red polishing compound to make the bronze shine.

Photo 03

Three were needed so the process was repeated until all three were finished.


I also shrink the cover down and printed three on my resin printer which I then painted black, bronze drybrush and glued some butterfly clasp tie pins to the back to make them into pin badges!

The covers were sent to Kansas were they were mounted onto a wooden plaque ready for their recipients.

It was a very interesting and fun job to work on and I'm happy to say the awards have found a home over in Kansas.


Sunday, 20 August 2017

Necronomicon 3D Printed Wood Raspberry Pi 3 Case

Hello Everyone!
Today is HP Lovecrafts birthday and to celebrate I have a new item for sale. It's a Necronomicon 3D Printed Wood Raspberry Pi 3 Case!
Necronomicon 3D Printed Wood Raspberry Pi 3 Case
Awaken Cthulhu or a Shoggoth or two with this 3D printed Necronomicon!
The look of the book is very much based on the Necronomicon Ex-Mortis from the Evil Dead franchise.
3D printed using a wood filament, the print is cleaned up, wood stained, painted and aged to give the final effect.
Openings in the side of the case allow access to the Raspberry Pi's USB's, Ethernet Port, Audio Jack, HDMI, Micro USB, Status LED's and Micro SD Card Slot.
Necronomicon 3D Printed Wood Raspberry Pi 3 Case
Necronomicon 3D Printed Wood Raspberry Pi 3 Case
Necronomicon 3D Printed Wood Raspberry Pi 3 Case
Necronomicon 3D Printed Wood Raspberry Pi 3 Case
To make them I print it out using a wood filament. The print is cleaned up and then wood stained, painted and aged to make the final item!
Necronomicon 3D Printed Wood Raspberry Pi 3 Case
This Raspberry Pi case is available to buy on my webshop here and also I have put it on my Etsy shop here.


Also, Cabbie Blog has a page with a very in depth history of the cabbies shelters as well as maps of surviving shelters and a list of missing shelters. The page features an image of one of my Cabbies Shelter miniatures on the website! See the link below...


Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Mention on Mini Wargaming Youtube Channel.

One of my miniatures have been mentioned on the Mini Wargaming YouTube channel! They painted my Jukebox model!

My Shapeways store... https://www.shapeways.com/shops/yeomanmodels
My Homepage... http://yeomanmodels.com/

Sunday, 2 October 2016

As today marks the return of the excellent Ash Vs Evil Dead tv series I thought I would upload a model I made to Shapeways of the trailer he uses. This sort of trailer can also be seen in other media like the great but short lived Wonderfalls or the dino terror ride of Jurassic World!
The trailer can be bought as a N GuageTT GaugeHO/OO Gauge28/32mm scale and 35mm scale.
As with all the models I make at different scales, I add detail and change detail proportions to get the most out of each size of model.

As I now own a FDM printer, I decided to print the 35mm scale one as a piece of scenery to go with my Batman figures that I bought from Grekwood Miniatures. The print took 24 hours and was printed in silver PLA in three parts. Apologise for the rather poor photo.


The trailer was fresh off the printer and still needs some cleaning up and is only held together by blutac! That said I think it looks rather neat and will look better once cleaned up, glued and given a nice coat of chrome paint. Also, in the background you can see the Batman Giant Penny I made and painted.

Sunday, 24 April 2016

You Rang M'Lord?

All Phone Boxes
What street scene will be complete without this icon of communication!

I have added a set of UK Phone Boxes to my Shapeways store in a series of different scales. N Gauge, TT GaugeHO/OO Gauge28mm scale and 35mm scale.

They are also available to buy in resin on eBay in TT gaugeHO/OO gauge and 28mm scale.

Sunday, 17 April 2016

Heads up!

All Heads
Another short blog this week all about Moai Heads also known as Easter Island heads.
I've always been a little fascinated by Easter Island and the heads, and how the society of humans who lived there collapsed in such a devastating manner. You can rad about the island here and about the Moai heads here.
I have been selling the HO/OO and 28mm scale heads on ebay for a few years now, but I have recently tweaked the model a bit and made them available on Shapeways in 5 different scales and in lots of different materials! they are available in N Gauge, TT Gauge, HO/OO Gauge, 28mm and 35mm

I am currently working on some 3D model commissions of some shoulder pads, banners and some other bits. If you would like me to make something for you, please contact me and I'll see what I can do!

Sunday, 3 April 2016

Demon Summoning Circles

Demon Summoning Circles
A bit of horror for this blog post. Jump on Shapeways or Ebay and summon up demons with this series of Demon Summoning Circles!
There are three sizes.

The Large Circle have creepy writing around the pentagram (yes, it does translate as something, but I'm not telling you what it is) and also fire dishes on the top of each pillar. Great for summoning up a large demon and plenty of space for the dangling tentacles, claws, wings etc! It measures 15cm across and 4.5cm high. You can by it on ebay or Shapeways.

The medium summoning circle also has creepy writing carved into the living rock with channels from each pillar forming a pentagram. The channels can run with glowing demon plasma, or lava, or blood! This one measures 7cm across and 1.5 cm high. You can by them on ebay or Shapeways.

The small circle is a pentagram that can act as a base for a figure or a marker token. This little pentagram measures is 3cm across and 0.5cm high. These on ebay as a pack of three or on Shapeways as a single circle or three pack.